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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  November 12, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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right now. family and friends of a young woman killed on the eastern shore want more than answers. they want a popular alcoholic energy drink to be banned. good evening i'm kelly swoope. courtney's family would like the alcohol and caffeine laced drink "four loko" banned. she died after drinking the beverage and getting behind the wheel. >> reporter: saturday early in the morning 21-year-old courtney murray was in an accident in st. michaels. her mother knew she was at a party and felt something was wrong. she went to look for her, saw her and followed her in her truck. then she saw her daughter crash. courtney was ejected about 90 feet from the truck. >> i rubbed on her back she was still breathing, i knew that she was still alive at that point. >> reporter: that was the last time she saw her daughter
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alive. courtney died from her injuries sunday. a memorial is set up at the scene of the crash. >> i've never seen her angry with anybody. she was just a happy go lucky person. >> reporter: courtney was out with her girlfriends drinking "four loko". it's a drink in a 24-ounce came has 12% alcohol and combines caffeine with it. >> this drink killed my daughter. >> reporter: he's never known her to act like that at a party. >> this drink completely changed courtney. in more than ways than one. it completely as far as i'm concerned that evening drove courtney crazy. >> reporter: two states have already banned these types of drinks. lisa phillips manages a market right across the street from
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courtney's home. customers might be welcome but those types of drinks are not. she will stop selling them and send the rest back to the distributors. >> we don't want anybody else to drink it and have accidents. >> i want it banned. i want it done for. i don't want to see another parent have to go through what we're going through. >> reporter: the manager told me someone requested her to remove the product for 6 weeks. she says she was going to take it away all together. she said it felt like the right thing to do. in st. michaels i'm don harrison for abc2 news. the victim's friends say they will never pick up a "four loko" drink again and they are joining forces asking for a been on the drink. baltimore county police have arrested this man for a murder that happened in reisterstown. they say on november 5th, 19- year-old keon cunningham shot and killed adeolu adedgoke otemolu at his home in the 5400 block of old court road. the victim was found lying near
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the back of the house suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. cunningham is being held in the baltimore county detention center without bail. and the man from pennsylvania wildlife conservation police killed a cop is in custody. authorities took 27-year-old christopher johnson into custody at campsite in pennsylvania. johnson is accused of killing officer david groves last night in freedom township near gettysburg. grove and johnson exchanged gunfire police say grove stopped johnson's pickup truck for suspected game law violations the last time a officer was killed in the line of duty was 1915. baltimore city officer are not apologizing to reject for the proposal. in the bid for make up for the city's projected shortfall.
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last night union members rejected the one year contract by a margin of 20-1. officers cited increases in their pension contributions and healthcare costs as signs they are already giving enough. the outgoing county executive in prince george's county and his wife are facing serious federal charges. christian schaffer is working the story. >> reporter: jack johnson has served as the county executive in pg county for the past 8 years before that he was the county's top prosecutor. tonight he needs a good defense attorney. this affidavit released by the fbi indicates the investigation has been going on since 2006. they were arrested today in what this document describes as a frantic effort to hide evidence and thousands of dollars in cash while fbi agents waited at the front door. johnson and his wife both had their initial court appearance at the federal courthouse. his wife was just elected to
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the county council each charged with tampering with evidence and destruction of records. essentially the fbi believes as county executive jack johnson was taking bribes from developers. the charges stem from that investigation. prosecutors are holding a news conference the talk about the charges we'll have much more at 11:00. this affidavit is posted on our web site definitely worth a look at christian schaffer abc2 news. the owner of a tutoring company that build baltimore's school system has been indicted tracey queen owner of queen's mobile service build but did not provide the service. the school system paid queen a hundred thousand dollars but never got anything in return. baltimore's top executive turned railroad conductor today
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as mayor stephanie rawlins- blake toured the howard street tunnel. she wants to get a firsthand efforts by csx to improve the track's safety after a faulty rail caused a derailment back in august. almost a decade ago a 60 car train derailed in the same tunnel causing a chemical fire that took 3 days to extinguish. >> we too a look at the damage done in the fire we took a look at the rails to see what csx looks for when they are testing to see the rails still safe and sturdy. >> work to replace all the track inside the tunnel should be completed in the next few weeks. take a look at this power team. he perryville community fire company and they have advanced to the final for the world firefighter combat challenger in south carolina competition. the five man squad will compete against 7 other teams which will come from all over the
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world. good luck to our local team from perryville. i was up in cecil county earlier this morning. beautiful day out there. i mean just sunshine as far as the eye could see. it's not going to change much in the next couple of days. great weekend. let's take a look at the numbers across the region. how did baltimore stack up? one of the hottest spots in the mid atlantic today other than as you go well west charleston up into the low 70s. right now we're cooled off into the low 50s out there. 47 ocean city. 52 in richmond. 51 baltimore. zoom out a little bit. you can see there is just not much out there yet. well to the left part of your screen that is our next rainmaker but it's not going to be here anytime soon. great looking saturday, nice climb through the 60s as we go through the afternoon. we start off very chilly much more on your weekend forecast and when that rain gets in here
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coming up. all right. thanks a lot, wyatt. the city's upper fells point area is welcoming its newest residents. mayor stephanie rawlins-blake gave a hardy hello to people relocated as part of the initiative. when people move into a new home there's a house warming party the mayor did not come empty-handed she provided the family with a welcome basket. >> i love this city. i love the diversity. it's alive. it's definitely alive and i feel part of and i feel like i can be part of making a difference, making it better. i love the fact that i can pull in my driveway after a long commute and walk, just walk everywhere. i've only been here 3 months and i can tell you i'm very, very comfortable, and i feel like i'm home. >> the family is originally
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from new jersey. welcome to baltimore. well, 'tis the season to start hearing a familiar sound around the baltimore area and the sound is one that helps millions of people have a happier holiday. volunteers for the salvation army's kettle drive will start ringing around town on november 16th, that's next week. donations have been down in recent years because of the recession but they are hoping that the 2010 holiday season will be much better. here is some video that's already gotten a few hundred views on youtube. it's not every day that we get to see the plant and animal life under the water at the inner harbor. from white perch to jellyfish and even treasured maryland blue crab the inner harbor seems to be home to hundreds of different fish and animal species. this video was produced by employees at the national museum. bernie name is synonymous
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with scandal band billion dollar schemes. millions of dollars of his belongings are on the auction block. we'll tell you about events going on around our area. that dog is an athlete kelly. did you see that jump. 65 at bwi after a frigid start down in the low 30s. 62 is your forecast. actually got three degrees warmer than that. no winter today but we'll work on it for your weekend. it's coming up. people are saying a lot of good things about fios.
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nothing was dug up, so i'm very pleased. the clarity of picture on the television? way beyond anything we'd ever seen. [ male announcer ] now see for yourself -- call today and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year with no term contract required. you'll see the reason the cable companies want you to be scared of fios is really because they're scared of fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. . tomorrow new york city
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people will get a chance to see stuff like this. pleated boxer shorts, a 10- carat diamond ring and gently worn size 9 custom shoes these are some of the belongings of bernie he m and his wife going on the auction block. it's expected to bring in millions of dollars. >> reporter: it's a rare look inside few ever saw but many will see thousands of items that once belonged to bernie and ruth madoff up for auction. furniture from their beach house, 10.5 karat diamond engagement ring. >> some are over the top and top of the market other things are very average. >> reporter: properties that was forfeited and seized in u. s. marshals. he clearly liked the finer
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things in life. practice today socks high end watches his shoes size 9 wide from casual to flashy, he meticulously kept every shoebox. >> everything that we get goes to the victims. >> reporter: those who lost so much in madoff's multimillion- dollar ponzi scam much of this probably paid for with some of that money. officials hope saturday's auction brings in $1.5 million. anything with madoff's initials or name on it always does well. there is plenty, even ruth liked marking her territory. >> every house that i went into because i went into all three of the homes i went into all the cars and boats everything was marked. >> reporter: and probably one of the most unusual items lot number 380. a new pair of madoff designer boxers. and yes they have pleats. this is the last batch of personal items up for sale from the madoff's once lavish lifestyle here in new york. a chapter many are glad to see
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close. . it will great weather to go to an auction block sale to get an 10.5 karat diamond ring. >> is it ever bad weather to get a 10.5 karat diamond ring. >> no. >> our weather has been a great streak keep it going couple more days. dry air, boy, it will dry out your sinuses and everything else. burn that humidifier tonight kelly. >> i'll put that on the list. >> other than that there's not much on the weather front. let's show you outside though clear and dry. the humidity is really really low. 35%. we were at 19% just an hour ago. but with the temperature falling the relative humidity goes up but no more moisture in the air than there already was. relative humidity a fraction of the air temp r and moisture. we have blue skies in baltimore
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not a cloud in them. sunny, just gorgeous. i mean, i don't know how many ways to describe it but we've trade for the last five days. glen oak sunny scenario there. just partly, well some of the trees are partly covered with that fall foliage, but not as much as we had just even a week ago. so, less and less trees on the leaves, but other than that fall's kind of stalled out right now. in fact, very little wind. temperatures now around 50 degrees. 53 hagerstown. 46 in winchester, and easton at 63. so, warmer on the shore and in fact highs today well above 60 everywhere even though we started off in the upper 20s from york back through frederick. so this was really a chilly start with a rapid rebound, and this very dry air that's in place over maryland, it cools off very quickly it warms up so rapidly. tomorrow we should push 70 in
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easton mid-60s for kent island. up the bay we're looking at 60s and sunny scenario again tomorrow and again sunday and even early monday i think we could see more sunshine, but by monday night into tuesday that's when we do look for a pattern shift, a wholesale shift in the weather pattern. you don't see any sign of it here now unless you look all the way over here out toward the edge of illinois, back through southern wisconsin and down into central missouri. there's rain coming down there. partly to mostly cloudy skies well out into the upper midwest with that rain but none of that here. sunshine up and down the east coast. no active weather anywhere, anywhere up and down the east coast tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night, into sunday. finally a little bit of weather beginning to move in in the form of a weak cold front, but i don't think it gets here until monday night. so really a sunny weekend, and one of those ones you have some
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savor you know what will come as we go into late november early december. enjoy this gem of a weekend. 31 tonight. tomorrow lots of sunshine. if you could only pick the weather on a november weekend, this would be what you'd pick. mid-60s, sunshine. tomorrow night down to 34 degrees under a clear clear sky. and let's check out your 7-day forecast here, the trend is going to be for more fantastic phenomenal, sunny, beautiful weather. it warnings the heart to look at it. but next week we'll look for rain to come in and much cooler temps too. kelly. >> thanks a lot wyatt. coming up tonight at 11:00 if you're planning to travel for the holidays do it in style. jamie costello has tips how to score some sweet upgrades on the road the air the seat without breaking the bank. you heard about wal-mart's free shipping offer how will other major retailers respond as the
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holiday shopping season kicks into high gear. they not only want to have children have a strategy playing chess. hosting a citywide chess tournament. 36 baltimore public school students are playing but only one will win the crown as the chess champion of baltimore. a recent survey by johns hopkins university found that students who play close actually have better school attendance and higher math scores. >> it teaches me how to think. when i may the game what movies going to make me better. so now i know i need to do what i need to do now so at the end of my life. >> my wife feels the same skills you need to be successful in life you can be
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successful at chess. we taught intentionally the two skills. >> central maryland provides a chess program as part of an achieveers program throughout the city. if you missed it in march here's your second chance to enjoy a st. patrick's day celebration. the annual irish festival opens tonight. and vendors were out early today prepping for a weekend full of lots of live irish music crafts traditional irish stew. much of the proceeds benefit irish charities of maryland. >> this is one of the greatest irish festivals on the east coast. the music is fantastic, two stages. we have a lot of fun sell stuff and we drink some beer. >> the festival doors are already open. tomorrow they open at noon and sunday morning there will be a
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special mass held at 10:00. there's still more family fun to be held this weekend in easton. it's the waterfowl festival. there will be 12 different venue s throughout easton during world class wildlife t. painting sculptures painting and photos will have a small town feel. the waterfowl festival runs until sunday. you know in order to help fight the obesity epidemic in this country several food makers have agreed to make the nutrition guidelines a lot more clear. eye 50 million-dollar education campaign would begin next year to raise consumer awareness about the new labels which include information on calories and content. consumers could start seeing the new labels coming up in the next 6 months. so let's take a look at how that drive home is moving tonight. it's moving slow. looking at 695 and liberty road getting a late start to their
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weekend. keep it right here. we'll be right back.
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. you're almost on vacation with weather like there. >> it's been a nice relaxing weekend in the weather office. we like that. hour by hour tomorrow we got plenty more coming.
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keep the sunglasses handy. and keep them clean take. if they get dirty it's tough to see where you're going. 7-day forecast lots of sunshine until monday things begin to change. >> that's it for us. we're back tonight at 11:00. have a good one. when i see people trying to sell and old camry, it
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0% financing and, as a holiday bonus, we'll give you $1500 to use toward your first three payments. holly has something she'd like to say. bye, camry.


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